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Training Style

Heart Dog Behavior Training utilizes a balanced training style that will create a better line of communication between you and your dog. You will learn how to appropriately interact with your dog, create better habits, build your leadership skills and strengthen your bond. 


Communication- Dogs communicate through their body language. In fact all animals do- even us humans. You will learn a lot about what your dog is trying to tell you by watching the way he moves. Have you noticed the different ways your dog wags his tail? Or how about the way he moves his ears? Each change is a direct link to how he is feeling in that moment. A subtle head turn could mean "No thank you". An exaggerated bow could mean "Want to play?".

Now, think about what you say to your dog with your own body language. Are you giving him the right information? You will learn how to ensure you aren't sending mixed signals when communicating with your dog. 

Understanding your dogs body language will greatly help us when working on behavioral issue's.


Teaching New Behaviors-  In training we will use a lure and reward method while teaching your dog the basics. Rewards are typically food based. Some dogs even enjoy play as a reward. Play that involves tug, ball or a favorite squeaker can be just as valuable as food.

You and your dog will learn both verbal and physical cue's along with positive/negative markers. Verbal and physical cue's will tell your dog what to do. Positive/Negative Markers will tell your dog either he is doing it right or that he needs to try something else.  


Leadership- As we grow up rules and boundaries are set for us. This happens so that we remain safe and build healthy routines and habits. Our dogs are not much different. They too require rules and boundaries to be their very best version of themselves. Every dog and household is unique so we will create realistic rules and boundaries that fit into your daily routine and lifestyle.


Strengthening the Bond- Have FUN. Our dogs are a big part of our lives. We are often the biggest part of theirs. What do you do together that you both enjoy? Do it more often. Try new things and go on new adventures, never stop exploring together. 



" I think I've always had this dream that Sully would be the perfect dog. You've done a really excellent job of teaching me that he'll always be himself, and his "perfectness" will come in the form of my relationship with him, and how we handle things together."

- Charlie 

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