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"I wanted to take a minute to write and tell you that Betty has REALLY turned a corner on her "stranger danger." We have been very consistent in using the techniques learned in our sessions, and we have gone from a 45-minute intro to new people to about 30 seconds! We have people over all the time now and she is undoubtedly wanting to get in their laps or flopping onto her back for a belly rub in a very very very short time!
 I just wanted to thank you for helping us go from "Ahhhhhh, can we ever have people over????" to "Hey, let's have people over AGAIN!" Thank you for helping us understand our dog's issues better and for teaching us the skills and tips to help her more consistently be the awesome, sweet dog that she is!"


"I'm so happy I took the step to learn how to work with Nylah on the leash aggression. It's honestly been the most important thing we've done for her (us). Since our session last week Nylah and I have had a few good challenges on our walks and we both handled them really, really well. I'm actually seeking out dogs to pass on our walks now! This morning my partner and I took her to the dog park (which hasn't ever been a problem in the past, just the major excitement and lack of control getting to the gate!). I opened the back of the car and didn't even have to give Nylah a command to stay. She was excited when we started walking towards the gate, but was easily reminded that we were "walking". Her encounters with other dogs were great. She swam and ran... it was wonderful.
So- just wanted to send a note of thanks. You gave me the tools to feel confident with Nylah and it's done wonders for both of us. I'm looking forward to having her be out and about with us more and more. Thank you."

"I have to reach out to tell you how PHENOMENAL Blair is!
I have had astronomical levels of anxiety, unsureness, self-doubt ..... you name it! I was (and still am A HOT MESS), but Blair was not affected by this and was amazing! Her patience, love for my puppy, concern for me and my well being and going over so many thing I need as a new puppy-daddy all leads to appreciation that I really can not express in words, but hope they are conveyed somehow in this note!"

 "Over the years, my Lola has become fear reactive to other dogs, which became a huge problem on our walks through the neighborhood. I cannot even think about how much $ and time spent with trainers who did not recognize the fear in her, that used such negative responses to her that I actually had to ask one trainer to leave my house and never come back.

Then I met Blair, WOW. She listened to me, she watched Lola and I, and within the 2nd visit, Lola was back to doing her fancy heel walk by my side! I can't believe how such common sense, positive body movements that I learned to do from Blair, made all the difference to Lola! We have so much fun again on our walks! No longer am I constantly in fear that Lola will react.

We now have a proactive system to our walk and I put Lola at ease before a fearful situation could occur. AMAZING! Also, Blair provided a Dog Walking class for my team at Urban Tails Waggin'. We had close to 3 hours with Blair to learn anything and everything to help us be better at the service of dog walking that we provide to our clients. My whole team raved at the positive tips they received and within a week, their own dogs and the client's dogs they were walking were learning to walk in perfect heels by their side!"

Happy Paws!


"We had a home visit with Blair last night. She was amazing! I cannot believe what she taught us in such a short time. We were at the point of deciding which dog had to find a new home because of aggression.

I feel confident that we can apply what Blair taught us and by her next visit, be ready for more! Thank you for helping  us turn things around."


"I had to tell you about my walk with Sully this morning. A brief background ... I've always been really anxious while walking him, constantly worrying about things that would set him off, and pretty much continuously nervous. In short, I hated walking him. This morning we set out, but with the mindset that I was going to identify situations and approach them with a plan.

Sure enough, our first obstacle appeared: Woman on a phone, dog on a retractable leash running circles around her. But this time, no panic attack. I crossed the street, put Sully on the outside, gave him a couple treats as we passed, and that was it! It was so cool!

Anyway, I think I've always had this dream that Sully would be the "perfect" dog. You've done a really excellent job of teaching me that he'll always be himself, and his "perfectness" will come in the form of my relationship with him, and how we handle things together. I just really appreciate the hell out of that. So does he. So, thank you so much for giving me some much needed perspective."


"First of all Koby has been amazing since you came last week! She is responding to the training and has been very successful. Overall we have seen a change in her level of happiness. She seems more content, eager to please/listen to us, and just more happy! She has been responding when we say "come" in any environment!

With the tricks for when we leave...AMAZING! She seems much more relaxed whenever we leave. She was left in the house and I forgot something, came back in the house and she had her kong on the couch, eyes looked at me, she didn't move and didn't become upset when we left, and she did not bark or stare at the window!

You are truly amazing and we thank you so much for all that you have done to help us with our girl! She also says thank you :)"

Lindsey and Nate

"Thank you, Blair! You always provide such wonderful advice and training for us and our adoptive (or potential adoptive!) families. Again, I really appreciate it!"

Karen Scott, President, Pet Haven of Minnesota

"Thank you so much for everything that you taught us last night. We are all very excited to get started. I have my first "guest" set for Saturday. The kids are super excited about their door bell training task. I love that you gave them their own special thing to work on. We look forward to working with you again in a few weeks on outdoor behavior."

Hildi H.

"Thank you so much for being a great coach for Ruby and me. From the beginning you've given us more confidence with your tips and feedback. Ruby is a different dog, and I am a better owner because of you. You make things easier, so now walks are enjoyable and stress free. I've learned so much from you.

I always enjoyed going to your classes. Ruby's reactions used to scare me, but now I know what to do and how to advocate for what she needs. You make me feel like Ruby is a regular dog that I can control and have positive leadership.

I wish you all the best in Carolina. You'll be very missed. Best of luck. "


Lindsay & Ruby

"We wanted to say thank you. You assured us the progress that could be made if we worked hard with Rheanys and for that we owe you our best friend. You were always there for questions we had and you were the first person Rhae trusted outside out small family. Without your expertise and enthusiasm we may have returned Rhae, felt like we were failures and probably would never have gotten another dog. We owe you so much of the happiness in our lives by helping us see what a great dog Rhae is. We will miss having you as an instructor but we know great things lie ahead for you!

Thank you so very much. "

Bri, Alex, Rhaenys

"I am so impressed!

I am still speechless about how well Kanga did yesterday. Thank you so much for going above and beyond and teaching me some techniques for Kanga and I to work on together. It really gave me a lot of hope. I knew Kanga was a great pup, I just didn't know how to bring it out!"


"I took Blair's dog-human aggression class with my dog Butch, and learned a lot about how to handle him in a variety of situations. More than that, I learned what cues to look and listen for that my dog might be uncomfortable, and how to redirect him (or another human!) so that I don't put him in a bad situation. I learned that it's my responsibility; as much a part of taking care of him as feeding him. He insists we keep training!"


"I really want to thank you for the help you have given to us with Kody. Using your techniques have been so helpful for us. It is an ongoing work in progress, but Kody has responded well. Our calmness with him really works for all of us. We have been trying to walk him whenever possible which also helps him a lot.

Want to thank you again for helping us. Kody is a very sweet little guy"


"The vet visit today went great! I cannot believe it! Ace behaved himself REALLY WELL around a big chow/lab mix and a setter of some sort in the waiting room. No whining or pulling at the leash in attack mode. He was a little nervous, but sat on the bench and got treats. Thank you SO MUCH for all you have done. I felt completely helpless and hopeless and now I can just enjoy the dog and work on his other behavior issues.

Thanks again! I can't say enough about what a good job you do. "


"Blair has been our trainer for over two years and she has been wonderful. She was wonderful to work with. It was so nice and convenient that she came to our house for the sessions. Our dogs loved her! We had two dogs- a Pitbull and German Shepherd/Husky mix ( our Pitbull passed away ). Blair worked with both our dogs. Thanks to Blair we saw huge changes in both our dogs. Not only in the way they behaved and their demeanor but how they responded to us and how much better they listened. We have a 20 month old daughter I was worried about having around 2 big dogs. Blair taught us and our dogs things to help with the area. The exercises that she taught us to do with our dogs were so helpful and we still use them to this day. We want to thank you for having such a wonderful trainer.

Thank you"

Stephanie & Jason

"Blair is amazing and I highly recommend her service- I truly couldn't be happier with the progress my dog has made under her guidance! She's committed, knowledgable, reliable, and feels like a friend as soon as you meet her. Heart Dog Behavior Training is invested in providing great positive reinforcement to train and encourage good behavior in dogs through education, tools and habit training. Thanks for all you do, Blair!"



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